2016 Sponsors

Business Donors:
          A First Step Chiropractic                                                                 
          American Legion Post #69                                                                  
          American State bank                                                                     
          Banta Abstract                                                                            
          Betty's Town Salon                                                                       
          Big and Small, Inc                                                                      
          Blakely Trre Service                                                                  
          Booth Law Firm                                                                           
          C&C Cycle                                                                                
          Carson Car Care                                                                          
          Caseys General Store                                                                  
          Cash n Go                                                                              
          Chat Mobility                                                                          
          Chestnut Lawn Care                                                                    
          China Star Restaurant                                                                  
          Chris Auto Body                                                                       
          City of Osceola                                                                     
          Clarke County Cattleman's Association                                                   
          Clarke County Development                                                              
          Clarke County Hospital                                                                   
          Clarke County State Bank                                                               
          Clarke County Tire                                                                       
          Clarke Electric                                                                         
          Clarks New and Used Consignments                                                         
          Country Club Dental                                                                      
          Eastside Auto                                                                         
          Family Eye Care of Osceola                                                           
          Farm and Home                                                                            
          Flowers and More                                                                     
          Friday Insurance                                                                   
          Gilbert Plumbing and Heating                                                          
          Gina's Cakes                                                                           
          Great Western Bank                                                                   
          Hardrock Wash                                                                          
          Highway Lumber                                                                        
          Hunsicker & Associates                                                                 
          Hy Vee                                                                                
          Ideal Ready Mix                                                                        
          Iowa Realty                                                                          
          Iron Horse Neighborhood Grill 
          JBC Custom Vinyl                                                                   
          J P Auto Supply                                                                         
          Junction Creamery                                                                     
          Kale Funeral Home                                                                        
          Keith's Barber Shop                                                                       
          Lakeside Casino                                                                       
          Lana's Nails                                                                         
          Lion's Club                                                                            
          Mainstreet Insurance                                                                   
          Mays Auto Body                                                                         
          Medicap Pharmacy                                                                        
          Mike Montgomery                                                                         
          Miller Products                                                                      
          O'Hair Automotive                                                                         
          Osceola Vision Center                                                                    
          Paul Mueller Company                                                                    
          Playa Margaritas Mexican Restuarant, LLC                                                 
          Reasoner Insurance (Farm Bureau)                                                         
          Rusty's Auto Sales & Service                                                             
          Rychnovsky Lawn care                                                                
          Saylor Realty                                                                         
          Shull, Schrum and McClaflin                                                           
          Southern Hills                                                                           
          Southern Iowa Saddle Shop                                                                 
          Sport Wade                                                                              
          Stoney Oak Properties                                                                 
          Subway -Thompson family                                                                
          Swine Graphics                                                                        
          Teri Johnson State Farm                                                              
          The Family Table                                                                       
          Timber Ridge Cattle Co.                                                                  
          Unity Point                                                                             
          Valley of the Moon                                                                 
          Westside Tavern                                                                       
          White's Woodworking                                                                     
          Wild Poppy                                                                                
          Wilder's Truck Service                                                                 
 Private  Donors:                                                
              Barbara Mason                                                                         
              Belva White                                                                           
              Bernard Linder                                                                        
              Bill and sandye Kelso                                                                 
              Bill Short                                                                            
              Bob and Jean Oehlert                                                                  
              Bob and Linda Porter                                                                  
              Bob and Sarah Hettinger                                                               
              Brian and Shirley Dierks                                                             
              Brian Reece                                                                           
              Bruce and Jan Reece                                                                   
              Bruce Harris                                                                         
              Bruce Kentner                                                                         
              Carolyn Lingle                                                                        
              Charles and Kathy Seelinger                                                           
              Charles Snell                                                                         
              Charlie and Katie Morgan                                                              
              Chris Robins                                                                          
              Craig ad Mary McCloney                                                                
              Dan and Marilyn Foster                                                                
              Darlene Handrock                                                                      
              Dave Hauge                                                                            
              David and Janet Walkup                                                                
              David Twombley                                                                       
              Dennis Page                                                                           
              Dick and Lenore Overholtzer                                                           
              Doris Garner                                                                          
              Efie Crawford                                                                         
              Eldon C. Graves                                                                       
              Evan Branson                                                                          
              Fred and Annabelle Diehl                                                              
              Gerald and Norma DeWitt                                                               
              Gerald Clark                                                                          
              Harold Kikrpatrick                                                                    
              J. Lousie Mason                                                                       
              J.K. Gaumer                                                                           
              Jack and Rosemary Cooley                                                              
              Jim and Mary Ellen Kimball                                                            
              JoAnn Wilson                                                                          
              John and Karen Page                                                                   
              John and Kathy Kooiker                                                                
              Joyce McKinsic                                                                        
              Julie Wilken                                                                          
              Karen and Dudley Sook                                                                 
              Kathryn England                                                                       
              Kim and Kevin Reynolds                                                               
              Larry Gonseth                                                                         
              Lois Dau                                                                              
              Lyle Persels                                                                          
              Mark and Vickie Binning                                                               
              Mary Ann Halverson                                                                    
              Mike Boldon                                                                           
              Paul and Jeanne Chesnut                                                               
              Richard Aldridge                                                                      
              Rick and Madeline Adams                                                               
              Rick Jackson                                                                          
              Robert Brownlee                                                                        
              Robert Evans                                                                          
              Ron and Linda Reed                                                                    
              Ron and Sally Riekena                                                                 
              Scott and Malane McLin                                                                
              Stack and Jean Samuelson                                                              
              Steve and Carole Waterman                                                             
              Steve and Linda Neiber                                                                
              Thomas Lower                                                                          
              Tim and Julie Leonard                                                                 
              Tom Murr                                                                                         
              Twyla and Elvin Soll                                                                  
              Virgini Ogan                                                                   
              W.J. and Vest Emary 
              William and Marilyn Snell                                                            
              Wynette Van Dyke           

Theme for 2017: A Blast From the Past

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Friday June 30th to Tuesday July 4th 2017


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